About Us

Exotica was established to provide quality manufactured indigenous Condiments, Seasonings, Tropical drinks and Syrups for world consumption by persons who appreciate and love quality gastronomical delights, that also enhance various dishes.

Annually, we add new products after continuous research and development. Throughout our production, quality raw-materials (all Grade A) are used, while maintaining the highest standard of hygiene.

The corporate office and some raw materials can be found nestled in the St. George Valley of Barbados.

Apart from being market driven, the company has an unwavering commitment to quality and the environment.

Come and be a part of our reason for being!

Our Commitment to Quality

For over 10 years we have blended the highest quality indigenous and international herbs, spices and peppers to give you flavour and taste that is second to none.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence begins by listening to you. Your ideas and your passion for innovative condiments, Fruit Nectars and Drinks bring our new products to life. Then we develop and test them vigorously in the market. That’s because we strive for and expect the best, just like you.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Conservation of the environment is important to us. That is why we grow some of our raw-materials organically. Nature inspires us with its beauty and its magnificence and we are deeply committed to conservation. Because we want to preserve our world for the generations of condiment connoisseurs to come, we try at all times to reduce waste, conserve energy and recycle. Come, join us!

Our Associates

B & S Marketing Inc. has been the corporate Brand Developing Company for the Exotica brand since 1987. Their main objective is to satisfy the needs of the Barbadians & other Caribbean people with Quality products. This fits well with the management of Exotica Inc. Their distribution network includes some 350 customers which spans the New York Tri-State area. They are there to satisfy you.

Lakes World, The Quarter, Anguilla, BWI, has been a corporate customer for some eight years. Their dedication to building the Exotica brand has been exceptional, with dialogue & mutual understanding as the core of all activities. This company is also the home of other reputable brands which you can purchase. Your ever pleasing contact there is Ms Suzanne Lake – Marlyn. We salute them for their support & look forward to extending the line to bring more joy to the Anguillan population in the form of Nectars & Juices.